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Stucco over siding is a novel concept but is not new to an alternative siding exterior.  Stucco is perhaps the best siding considering it has many advantages over traditional lap or cedar siding.  Colorado has very harsh weather conditions be it cold or hot.  It is still very dry with very low humidity levels thus drying out traditional siding.  Stucco is a proven leader for siding wear and tear and is the most durable.  Stucco over siding also provides for double the insulation to keep in warm air during winter conditions and cool air during summer conditions.

Our process consists of preparing the home for stucco.  That means nailing in boards that are not properly secured and removing obstacles.  We then set up scaffolding that covers the entire house.  A double ply barrier/paper is tacked over the exterior and galvanized metal mesh nailed in.  All weep screeds at the bottom of the home will be installed.  This is placed just above the foundation sill line where moisture builds up.   After inspection has been called and the initial process has passed, we proceed to the brown coat.  The brown coat is a ¾” s-type concrete or stucco mortar coat.  The final coat will contain the paint and the finish is a  ¼”synthetic finish.  Final inspection will be conducted after the final coat has been complete.  The finish is incredible!

Most stucco homes built now have an acrylic – polymer finish which expands and contracts with weather changes.

Repair and restoration of concrete stucco surfaces.  We use only S-Type stucco mix to repair stucco surfaces of cracks, fissures, and broken stucco.  After repairing the concrete stucco, we recommend painting the house with elastomeric paint or 100% acrylic exterior paint.

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