Residential Painters in Colorado Springs, CO

The bulk of our customer base is residential single owner homes.  We start out assessing the customers’ house for cracks, flaking paint, and rotted siding.  Royal will replace rotted siding or trim before painting the exterior of the house.  We strongly believe that the replacement of bad siding is vital to the successful application of paint.  Paint is not only for aesthetics but most importantly for the protection of the exterior-siding of the home.  As we always state, the exterior is the most important part of one’s home.  We are experts at replacing broken trim and siding.  Sealing cracks and crevices are a must when doing the exterior paint job.  We use Sherwin Williams professional grade caulk 950A to caulk crevices and cracks caused over time and worn by weather changes.  We understand the importance of professional sealants such as caulk in preventing further separation of wood, siding, or trim.  Mold and mildew trapped in cracks create further erosion of siding.  We help the customer choose colors.  Customers’ opinions and suggestions are vital to the paint job desired.  That is why we partner with the customer and offer up our expert advice for color selection and application.  Drywall, texture, and patching are work we do and do it well.  We can spray texture for an orange peel application or simply convert it to knock down.  Baseboard and crown molding jobs are a snap for us.  We are an experienced Colorado Springs painting company.  Painting is our passion!

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