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Rick Norris is the founder of Royal Premium Paint Company located in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This company was founded on the idea of providing premium paint services for local businesses and residential homes at competitive rates.  Rick is retired with 25 years of military experience. His experience spans operations, logistics, and construction.  Planning and preparation are key components to Royal’s success.  Royal Premium Paint Company is dedicated to providing the highest quality paint job and often makes recommendations to your project.  Moreover, Royal Premium Paint, prides itself on attention to detail. Exterior paint work is done with meticulous planning and detail.  Often, I recommend customers use a higher sheen for trim and lower sheens for the base paint on their homes.  The idea here is to have the trim and or accent door stand out and contrast the body or the base of the house.  Accent doors should be wild and different than the base and trim colors.  Accent door color is an area that many choose to show their creativity.  Customer satisfaction and high ratings come from years of consulting, recommendations, and attention to detail.  Royal Premium Paint Company has a proven track record in high customer satisfaction for exterior painting, siding repair, and accent door paint applications.

Interior paint work is very different from the exterior and should treated as such.  Wall paint applications should be in an eggshell or satin sheen.  Ceilings always white with a flat sheen and trim/baseboard a white semi-gloss sheen.  Royal Premium Paint makes sure colors and sheens are in order with the overall design and concept customers need and are looking for.  Royal can patch ceilings and walls, install baseboard and spray texture. This Colorado Springs Painter can offer you a variety of creative options for your interior!

Cabinet and door restoration is a service we offer at Royal.  Doors and cabinets become worn over time and need restoration.  Instead of buying new cabinets or doors, Royal Premium Paint Company can restore them with oil or water-based coatings.  We have painted cabinets white and gray, restored front doors with oil and glaze products adding life to old and weathered wood.  We have glazed front doors that are of fiberglass material with perfection.

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